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Qest4 System
This type of assessment provides the practitioner with information as to the root cause for health...
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The Qest4 system can create lucrative career opportunities for individuals by providing them with...
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About Dr. Nita Bellafiore, ND

We all experience stressful times and, after many years of working in the corporate
world, the stress level had begun to affect my whole life.  It was during this time I was wrestling with confusing choices and decisions regarding a new career path.  Interestingly, while this was going on, I developed severe joint pain in my hands.  I sought relief from medical doctors and
the only hope they would give me was to “just live with the pain” because it would
eventually go away, however, it did not.

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Wellness. Prosperity. Success.

Biofield Technologies is built on empowering people through restoring optimum health, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and then giving them the opportunity to do the same for others in their community.

If you have already experienced the wealth of knowledge that bioenergetic testing can reveal about your body then you know the power of The Qest4 System. The Qest4 System is backed by years of research and results. This system has the potential to create successful Career Opportunities for those who have a passion for helping others to achieve a healthier lifestyle. We encourage you to browse our site and please contact us when you're ready to talk or just have more questions.


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Wellness. Prosperity. Success.

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